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Privacy Policy

When our customers, associates, representatives, and service providers entrust us with personal information, Electroszone Store LLC values that trust. We believe that privacy is about more than compliance, and we strive to manage personal information in accordance with our core value of individual respect.

Privacy policies are typically created by lawyers for lawyers. We hope you find these highlights to be a clear and transparent explanation of our Privacy Policy, but our attorneys would like us to remind you that the complete, legally binding text of our Privacy Policy may be found below. Additionally, California individuals should examine our California Privacy Rights page for specific legalese utilizing definitions needed under California law.

Now that we’ve gotten those disclaimers out of the way, let’s get to the point:

The goal of Electroszone Store LLC is to improve people’s lives through technology. Your personally identifiable information will only be collected, used, or shared for that reason. We also don’t sell (in the traditional sense of the word) any of your personally identifiable information to anybody else.


It’s crucial to keep your personal information safe. Walmart employs suitable, reasonable, and industry-standard security policies to assist guarantee that personal information is not lost, altered, acquired, used, modified, destroyed, or disclosed without authorization.

Report Identity Theft

If you have been the victim of identity theft, you may seek copies of application and business records in our possession relating to fraudulent transactions that may have happened at Walmart or Sam’s Club, or on one of our websites, at no cost to you. If you’ve been the victim of identity theft, you can use this link to request copies of the records we have.

Online Shopping Tips

Although online shopping is convenient and quick, “buyer beware” still applies. If you follow a few easy principles, supplying your information online can be just as safe as giving it to a store you visit in person. Learn about practical tips for protecting your and your family’s personal information.